The Dad Podcast: Episode 234: Talking Sex with Your Kids


The Dad Podcast: Episode 234: Talking Sex with Your Kids with ME as the guest expert!

Do you ever wonder what the best way is to talk to your kids about sex? What if they’re 4? 8? 12? 17?

We recorded this podcast episode LIVE on Saturday, all about talking with your kids about sex. We go through lots of concepts, questions, ages, and I change Justin’s mind drastically on some stuff. Woo! I love being a guest on this podcast. It’s the best!

You can find the podcast here:–talking-sex-with-your-kids



Are there questions that you have that we didn’t get to? Let us know and we will try to include them on our next episode together!

The Dad Podcast: Monday May 16, 2016

Helllllooooo beautiful people & Happy Monday!


I had the pleasure of being a guest expert on The Dad Podcast, a hilarious and informative show.

[iTunes Description: Comedian Justin Worsham (Showtime, Second Funniest Podcast and Blue Collar Radio) is a husband and father. He gets down and dirty and sometimes pathetic about parenting. If you are a husband, father, son, wife who wants to know how to make your husband happy, or just want to laugh your ass off this is the podcast for you.]

On this episode, Justin and I discuss updates in my life and business, the top 10 most asked questions about sex in marriage, and some fun homework you can take home and do with your partner tonight!

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.


For those of you who listened to the episode¬†already and are looking for your homework…. here you go!




Here’s to lots of love, sex, and wonderful-ness in your relationship today, tomorrow, and for the rest of time!

In wellness,

Rachel <3